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Commercial Coordinator Training Webinar

This course is taught by commercial production professionals and covers a basic introduction to production and the work of the Commercial Coordinator. There are three 90-minute sessions covering the mechanics of the commercial production business:

  • The AICP bidform
  • Partnering with the company financial department, forms and reporting documents
  • Production prep, including basic union and labor regulation

Monday, May 17th - 11am PDT/2pm EDT
Wednesday, May 19th - 11am PDT/2pm EDT
Friday, May 21st - 11am PDT/2pm EDT

Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, or anyone wanting an introduction to commercial production.

Students will receive a binder in advance with the course outline and also receive an electronic packet of Forms used in production as well as useful Appendices with in-depth information on the topics covered live.

Anyone attending all three sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion form.

To register you will need to provide a resume (not to “qualify” to attend but to give the instructors a sense of the experience level of the students); a mailing address for the binder; an email address for the electronic materials.

Cost -$225

Registration for this Webinar is now closed. For more information about this or future Webinars, contact Lina Hou at linah@aicp.com.